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216BranDrive Welcomes 2 NEW Entrepreneurs as Clients

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

216BranDrive welcomes two new clients to our services - two local entrepreneurs. One opening up a service based business in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It will be the first of it's kind for downtown. I am so happy to help this extraordinary young lady by creating her business website. She has a lot of great ideas for her business and I look forward to helping her promote them.

Another new client has tons of enthusiasm behind going after the grocery store industry with his new line of products that have been developed over years and years and now, retired from his full time job and ready to get his products onto the grocery store shelves, he has joined the 216BranDrive family to help him build a new e-commerce website to bring this product to everyone. I am so excited that both have chosen to trust me with their new website builds and I have enjoyed getting to know both of these new clients that I think of now, as part of my 216BranDrive family!

Need a website for something? Contact me today to discuss your project! I build beautiful, affordable websites! Shannon@216Brandrive

2 New Cleints for 216BranDrive

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