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216BranDrive Announces New Client Wendie Blair Motivator & Advocate of Consciousness

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

216BranDrive is thrilled to welcome Wendie Blair to our client list! I had the pleasure of meeting Wendie Blair at an event several months ago and our personalities clicked instantly. We began that day strategizing immediately on her business idea and we made initial steps together to plan and develop the Wendie Blair brand. We even chuckled at the creative magic flowing that day as we developed the slogan for her business while we were sitting there in the initial consultation.

I knew my strong branding vision and decades of expertise was what Wendie Blair needed to help get the business ideas in her head out and organized so that they could be executed in an exciting way to kick off what is sure to be a successful new business for her. I knew that would be the start of a great partnership working together to create something amazing from scratch. The goal of her new company is to provide services that help people achieve the greatness within them.

Entrepreneurs like Wendie are the most exciting for me to work with. Wendie is also the founder and CEO of R-DAY's Home Care Services, LLC, a private pay, non-medical home care service for elderly and disabled individuals who need professional quality in-home care that helps to improve the physical and emotional wellness of the client.

Together, we are defining and creating her vision for her motivational advising and inspirational business. Her unique title, Motivator & Advocate of Consciousness intrigued me and we hit the ground running to begin creating this brand. Wendie hired 216 BranDrive to create the logo, slogan, website and brand. We also consulted with my photography partner, Ellagrace Photography LLC., who did an outstanding job on the brand photoshoot.

Look for coming soon!


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