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There are three different types of Marketing: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and what I have branded as Business Person to Opportunity (B2O). Most business either sell or make a product, and those that do not, usually provide some kind of service that can either be for profit or nonprofit.  Then there is what I call Business Person to Opportunity which is simply personal branding. Personal branding can be for an individual for professional reasons, a small business or branding to help in a job search.

Let 216Brandrive support your organizations' sales effort and improve company profitability. Some B2B marketing communications tactics to get you started may include advertisingpublic relations, direct mail, trade show support, sales collateral, branding, and interactive services such as website design and search engine optimization.  We can help other business come to know your products and services through creating awareness though any of these types of projects or we can help you target new businesses or markets that may not yet know your products or services.

Finding new ways to foster relationships with other business has become easier thanks to social media. Social media platforms have opened up two way conversations between businesses in the B2B marketing world. Let me help you create or keep that conversation going and build that valuable relationship to guarantee lasting customers. 

B2C marketing is about reaching consumers with an exciting message that appeals to their needs or wants by developing an understanding of the consumer and targeting them with the right message. Campaigns need to connect with the consumer to convert the shopper into a buyer as soon as possible.


I can help you with advertising, direct and Internet marketing, email marketing programs, promotions,  discount offers, branding campaigns, loyalty programs, new product launches, build social media excitement or use customer reviews to help you gain new customers.  Let me put together a plan that will deliver sales results.

Helping people get opportunity is one of my favorite challenges. I can help new business and start ups develop to get up and running with an image and message that is on target from the very beginning. I love working with entrepreneurs and launching brand new companies, products and services!  With projects like content development, value proposition statements logo design, creating brochures and other promotional pieces, developing a website, blog or launching social media sites what ever you need we have you covered to get you started in your new business ventures!


If you are providing a service, I can help you build and maintain relationships through helping you stand out and market your unique value proposition. Let’s start using what customers are saying and what you do better than any other competitor doing what you do. I can help create campaigns and strategies around this to bring you new business from past clients and contacts, so that you can continue earning referral business for years to come. I can also help you branch out and reach new customers through advertising, social media and SEO tactics.


If you are selling a product, I can help you target the customer by helping with product positioning, messaging, communicating features and help you drive demand for what you are selling. I can help develop materials for sales teams and pitch materials for meetings with retailers and distributors. I can advise you on your branding and help you generate PR and consumer awareness through promotions and through customer touch points. We can continuously try to engage the customers by creating surveys on the products to learn more about the consumer and drive improvements throughout the company.



I have always said in marketing, hire based on talent, not necessarily industry experience. In today's competitive job market, I have been fortunate enough to work in a wide variety of industries. Through this, I have fine tuned my ability to develop strategies based on research to deliver a new and fresh approach for companies that may be stuck doing the same old thing and not thinking out side of the box.   I have always thrived with new industries and have been able to provide positive results. 


Below is a sample of some of the industries:



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